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Enjoying navigation in the new layout we have for our website? We sure hope so!

For this release we continue expanding upon ghastly creatures found in MV’s RTP, this time, Skeletons and Ghosts!

As usual I always try to pack in the right level of variety between monsters of the same type for people who love their spiced up dungeon crawling encounters, hope you guys will enjoy this release!

In other news, we will now be holding a weekly poll so that you guys can pick what monsters The Librarium should focus on for every Tuesday release from now on!

As there will be very specific mechanics behind the poll, we’ll save the details for another post, hopefully today!

Lastly, I wanna apologize if some fix requests you guys have made haven’t been taken care of yet! (T⌓T) Sometimes, for a poring it’s hard to balance school, a job and being a full time adventurer ! But worry not, as I sort stuff out, all the fixes and additional resource type ideas you guys have requested(such as busts) will be taken care of!

As usual, Grab it here!

Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

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    This is super cool! I cant wait to be able to participate in a poll!! A suggestion I would put forward this week is could an animated Destrand be on the polls next week? I just think he is super duper amazingly cool and could be a powerful ally and a deadly foe!

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      Ohh that’s not a bad idea Kloe! But wait until you see everything we have planned out for polls, perhaps you’ll see a much more attractive option! Thank youu

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        Okay! I will wait for what I shall dub “The Super Duper Poll Thing!!”

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          It’s ready now!

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    Umm, I feel silly, but is there one giant Download All battlers button somewhere? ;D

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      It will be available at the end of every month for the sake on convenience!

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        Awesome! Thank you 🙂 Take your time, it’s no rush.

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    Thank you for another amazing work. These battlers are awesome! Why don’t they have shadows underneath them though? Because the RTP ones have shadows, so it become a little weird when you use them together. We can put shadows on the animated battlers through Yanfly’s plugin, but the static ones have to remain shadowless. Thank you again.

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      There was an specific reason before! Something about compatibility with scripts which enabled breathing animation, but that was a while ago haha, I honestly forgot! What I do have in my to-do board is uploading the versions with shadows at some point, and making it official for every release to include shadow versions from that point onwards! I’m thinking first or second week of February!

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    Yeah, a poll is a great way to focus on particular projects 😀

    Otherwise you can get buried under a lot of different projects and ideas quite fast X.x (Pretty sure all of you guys are already !!!)

    Those skeletons are awesome ! Same goes for the 2 last alter pack of course 🙂

    When was there a RPG being completed without old dusty skeleton in it ? :p

    Again, thank you for you hard work ÆKASHICS ! ^_^

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      Thank you! o(〃^▽^〃)o
      And yes, make sure to vote!

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        I voted in the polls, thank you! I wish I could vote multiple times on the human enemies XD

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          they’ll come eventually it seems! o(〃^▽^〃)o

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    Monsters for a Grayevard/Crypt site so much options for so awesome enemies, thanks for all Aekashics i’m always excited for seem what you’re gonna give us all the tuesdays :D!

    And now we can vote for what we want, i just have to said MY BODY IS READY little poring i cant wait for it!

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      We’re all ready !(╯✧▽✧)╯

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      The poll is ready now!

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    Why don’t you make also a static version of the carnivorous plant?

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      This week we’re getting statics of that and the minotaur!

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        Awesome, thank you!!

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          (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ !

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    Hello again :3 the’s are so awesome, as usual, and i’m loving all the anime battlers, although i am impatient and wish their were more lol, but i was wondering if you could start doing weapons. I think this would be cool as their are no other visual weapons with animations out their, apart form the beam sword yanfly did, if you can’t do you know any websites which do these? thanks!

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      Sorry for the late reply! I am all over the place and it’s hard to answer right away sometimes orz.
      I do want to make weapon sets ! Though right now I’m still working out how to fit them into my schedule haha, right now my priority is bringing back animated picks into each update with the new format! Our next update will feature an animated Dragon!

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