Slime Megapack!

Hey everyone! (╯✧▽✧)╯

Did you all enjoy the video we put together? (ノ*゚▽゚*)

This week’s megapack features tons of Slimes. If you have already watched the video no introductions are needed, but here’s a quick recap of announcements in case you missed it!

  • Ækashics releases will now be scheduled every Tuesday at 1 pm (GMT -8) featuring megapacks such as this one!
  • On the same day and hour, the megapack of the week is announced over at Yanfly’s youtube channel.  (◕‿‿◕)♡  !
  • General progress, concept art and commentary on what is being worked on through the week will still be shared over our twitter feed ! Do come and say hi ! (〃 ◕ ▽ ◕ 〃)

TL;DR Every Tuesday is Ækashics Tuesday!

Have fun everyone! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

As usual, Grab it here!

-Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

Special Thanks:
-Yanfly &  Aldo !

36 thoughts on “Slime Megapack!

  1. Nadrenfox says:

    The first boss of my game is a kind of Slime Chief, that is only a BIG Slime, but now with this plugins i can make it a lot better, now the Slime Chief is gonna be awesome for sure, thanks Aekashics ♥.

      • Daniel Campbell says:

        You’re welcome, and thank you for sharing your art with us! If I were a rich man, I’d totally find a way to hire you for my own games! 🙂

        PS: If you ever decide to do “profit share” contracts let me know. I know most artists don’t, but I’d kick myself for not at least mentioning it. Your art style is just too cool to NOT inquire about hiring you.

  2. chespinmissile says:

    Have you considered redrawing some of MV’s default enemies to fit your unique art style? I was planning a front-view game and tried to make facesets for some of the more humanlike enemies; specifically, the main character’s best friend is the Zombie girl with the large fork and knife. If you could redo the Zombie (and some other humanlike enemies as well) that’d be fantastic for what I have planned. Thanks!

  3. Danniel says:

    Awesome! You and Yanfly are making RPG maker MV the best ever!!!!
    Seeing those monsters that you created make my brain work like train with new ideas!

  4. polar_fawkes says:

    shiiit yes. just realized your work is for commercial inclusion as well. you da best! bookmarked. love the style, will fit better alongside the 2k3 battlers. looking forward to the rtp reworks as well!

  5. PawSkillz says:

    All those elemental baddies !

    Let start a elemental catastrophe with all those wonderful slime >:D

    As always, thank you so much ÆKASHICS ^_^

  6. polar_fawkes says:

    hey Ækashics! i noticed a couple of the battlers (eldritch fire and ice for example) arent included in sideview becauses their rank 3 is face-on. would it be okay to mirror the battlers for ranks 1 and 2 so they would face the actors in the sv battles? or would this be a ToS violation? i think they totally work in the sv battle, and they’re strange enough that i can justify ‘oh theres only 2 levels of this type.’

    thanks again for your amazing artwork, it makes me so happy that my players will be looking at your beautiful work!

  7. Chris says:

    I’ve just started using rpg maker so I don’t really know how to apply these battle.
    each slime come with 3 poses but the editor only alows 1,
    how do I make it so the slime will change depending on his action.

    • Ækashics says:

      Do you mean like a sideview animated battler sprite? Those come in a different format, and currently the only animated sideview sprite is contained in the “kick off megapack” complete with 8 recolors! though to use it as an enemy you will need to make use of yanfly’s animated enemies script ! found here ! if you wish to use it as a regular character just place it in the actors folder!

  8. Wayne Erik Jarvis says:

    I’m curious if you lined up the recolors with the elements. I noticed there were 9 elements in the base MX and nine colors in total. Some are easy, like red slime=fire, but I wasn’t sure if they all lined up or not.

    • Wayne Erik Jarvis says:

      Never mind. I’m using the animated ones so it been a while since I looked at the static ones. I ironically posted this in the status one which caused me to relook. It’s much clearer since they list them. What I came up with is Slime1_1= default, Slime1_2 = fire, Slime1_3=ice, Slime 1_4 = thunder, Slime 1_5 = water, slime1_6 = earth, slime 1_7= air, slime 1_8=light, slime 1_9 = darkness.

  9. jose says:

    Hola Me pueden ayudar a como hacer que se animen, los batalladores no puedo animarlos en batallas
    por que no se , como poner este sistema de batalla , si pueden me hacen un mini scroll jejejeje para apuntarmelos y hacerlo gracias

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